I am a radio ham, with both UK Full (M0XUA) and USA Amateur Extra (AE0BP) licences. I am a member of the NPIC (National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia) Radio Club and STARS (South Tyneside Amateur Radio Society), and an honorary member of EARS (Essex Amateur Radio Society).  I am a member of the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) and a Volunteer Examiner with the ARRL (American Amateur Radio League).


NPIC Radio Club

There are, as yet, no licensing exams in Cambodia, so with fellow expat hams from NPIC and FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company), I have been training Cambodian academics from NPIC to pass the ARRL (American Amateur Radio League) Technician & General exams, and so gain their Cambodian licenses.  Towards this end, in April 2018, I passed my Technician, General and Amateur Extra licence exams in a single sitting, and went on to become an ARRL Volunteer Examiner.



Since returning to the UK in Dec 2018, I have joined the South Tyneside Amateur Radio Society, and with their help passed the RSGB Foundation, Intermediate and Full exams (the latter with Distinction).  I am now training candidates for the Foundation and Intermediate exams, plus associated practical assessments.

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