Research Officer/PhD Students

  • Pagonis, J., Evolving Personal Agent Environments to Reduce Internet Information Overload (PhD, registered Oct 1999, from Apr 2001 supervised by Dr Adrian Clark, ESE, University of Essex)

  • Proestaki, A., Design and Dimensioning of All-optical Dual-homing Hierarchical Multi-ring Networks (PhD, registered Jan 1996, passed Apr 2000) also Research Officer on ACTS WOTAN project

  • Shami, S.H., Evolutionary and Agent-Based Methods for Telecommunication Transport Network Restoration (PhD, passed April 2000)

  • Stevens, R.D., Spectrum-Efficient Planning of Digital Private Mobile Radio Systems (PhD, passed Jun 1998; jointly supervised with Dr Ian Dilworth)

  • Segkhoonthod, S., Design, Analysis and Simulation of a Fault-Tolerant ATM Switch based on a Parallel Architecture (PhD, passed Nov 1996; transferred from Dr. Elena Medova Oct 1994)


 MSc Students, 2021

  • Claire Eastaugh, Reading with the Ears: An Exploration of Audiobooks as a Reading Experience

  • Bethany Davis, Librarians as Teachers: Exploring the Relationship between
    Teacher Identity and Teacher Agency in Academic Librarians


 MSc Students, 2020

  • Master Jacobs Moelenyane, Assessment of Quality Service at the Botswana Qualification Authority (BQA) Information Resource Centre (IRC)

  • Aaron Gabriel, Mitigating Bias in Hate Speech Detection: The Case of African American English on Social Media


 MSc Students, 2019

  • Vijaya Karuppusamy, Dynamic Routing and Allocation of Spectrum in Elastic Optical Network using Genetic Algorithm


 MSc Students, 2006

  • Yem Hok, Personalised Web Portal Design using Genetic Algorithms

  • Sum Sakprasat, Data Mining for Automatic Credit Approval using Genetic Programming​

  • Chealy Ratha, Genetic Programming for Optical Network Topology Design​

  • Kheam Hong, Mobile Agents for Customer-to-Business e-Commerce

  • Meas Vandeth, Peer-2-Peer Networking Testbed using Java RMI

  • Taing Peng Sreng, Genetic Algorithms for Local Access Network Design


 MSc Students, 2000

  • Panos Mathinos, Datamining IP Network Performance and using Genetic Programming

  • Antonis Zavros, Investigation of Dial IP Service Characteristics using SS7 Link Monitors (the GeoProbe System)

  • Ivor Tyrell, Wavelength Allocation in All-Optical Transport Networks using Ant Colony Optimisation

  • Jim Lawn, Optimisation of Survivability in a Military Communications Network using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm

  • Kim Yun Au, Optical Mesh Network Topology Design using Particle Swarm Optimisation

  • Clemence Tan, Uncertain Multiperiod Telecommunications Network Design using Evolutionary Algorithms


 MSc Students, 1998

  • Navarro Varela, G., Ant Colony Optimisation for Wavelength Allocation

  • Moore, S.J., Optimisation of Survivability in a Military Communications Network using a Genetic Algorithm

  • Spiliotopoulos, G.S., Ant Colony Optimisation for Adaptive Routing

  • Dimitrakakis, C., Genetic Programming for Network Topology Design


 MSc Students, 1997

  • Gavalas, D., Optical Network Design: Virtual Topology and Wavelength Assignment Using Linear Programming

  • Ismail, A., Traffic Estimation for Future Broadband Networks

  • Konstantinou, G.N., Approaches to Dynamic Routing Refined by Genetic Algorithms

  • Toh, H.H., Node Placement for the Optical Core Network

  • Scott, R.D., SDH 4-Fibre Rings Multiplex Section Protection Switching Study


 MSc Students, 1996

  • Saket, A., Genetic Programming for Minimum-Cost Topology Optimisation of Optical Telecommunication Networks

  • Griffith, P.S., Heuristic Topological Design of Low-Cost Optical Telecommunication Networks

  • Jackson, E., Feasibility of Building Value Add Applications on SS7 Link Monitors (the GeoProbe System)

  • Chanthiran, R.S., Improving the Performance of Genetic Programming in Engineering Applications

  • Wheeler, O., Transaction Services - An Analysis


 MSc Students, 1995

  • Kirkwood, I.M.A., The Application of Genetic Programming to Network Routing

  • Robson, S.R., Queueing Optimisation for a Trunked Mobile Radio Network

  • Brander, A.W., A Comparative Study of k-Shortest Path Algorithms

  • Tan, L.G., Wavelength Assignment for the COST 239 European Optical Network

  • Kaye, D., The Advanced Broadband IN Demonstrator

  • Johnston, M., Distributed Computing for Telecommunications


 MSc Students, 1994

  • Jablonski, M., The Future of Signalling Systems: Will there be a Signalling System No.8?

  • Khanafi, M.N., Topology Optimisation of COST 239 European Optical Network

  • Nikolopoulos, M., Reliability of the COST 239 European Optical Network


 MSc Students, 1993

  • Fru Ane, C., Combined Reliability and Performance Metrics

  • Svak, I., A Comparative Study of Network k-Terminal Reliability Algorithms


 MSc Students, 1992

  • Ma, T.M., A Code of Practice for Object-Oriented Programming in C++

  • Ramnarine, D.J., A Comparative Study of Network Reliability Algorithms